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BYU Traditionz

A cultural dance outreach company from Brigham Young University

Who Are We?
Traditionz is an outreach performance group showcasing cultural dances from all around the world. We have been entertaining Utah school children for almost 40 years.

Live Performances - 2024
We are currently scheduling for the spring of 2024. Performance dates are April 30-May 24, 2024. Please email to schedule a performance.

Performance Details

We bring an exciting assembly featuring music and dance from 8+ countries in a 50 minute assembly.


Utah Valley: $280 for one performance, $520 for two performances.

Salt Lake Valley: $300 for one performance, $560 for two performances.

Other: $320 for one performance, $600 for two performances.


We require a performance space measuring 30' x 30', preferably on a gym floor and 2 classrooms for dressing spaces.

Meet Our Ensemble

Traditionz features 32 BYU Folk Dance students from a variety of majors at BYU

Amy Jex

Artistic Director, Traditionz

Amy Jex is an Assistant Professor in the BYU Department of Dance. She has directed Traditionz, a cultural dance outreach performance ensemble, since 2014 and serves as coordinator of the Cultural Dance Area.

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Traditionz Dancers

32 student performers

Traditionz Blog

Traditionz announcements and news

Video Launch

The “Around the World” video series has launched! Check out the videos by filling out the BYU Traditionz form. The European section is complete, and others are on their way. Keep checking back with us–we will update you here on the blog.

Video Series Complete!

All of our videos are now edited and uploaded! Thanks to Isaiah Vela for his videography and editing and for Travis Moore at Mango Media for the video equipment! Enjoy this little journey around the world with us.

“Around the World” with BYU Traditionz

A mesmerizing Hungarian bottle dance, an exciting Indian harvest dance, and a percussive Indonesian clapping dance are just a few of the pieces you’ll see showcased in BYU ‘Traditionz’ new digital series, Around the World. ‘Traditionz’, BYU’s cultural dance outreach company has worked tirelessly over the past four months to learn, rehearse, and film choreography and instructional videos that celebrate the diversity of cultures across the globe.

Get in Touch

Email us at

Find us at the office
BYU Department of Dance
290 Richards Building
Provo, UT 84602

Give us a ring
(801) 422-5086
Mon - Fri, 8:00-5:00

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